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Good practices and Design Patterns for Vue Composables


Good practices and Design Patterns for Vue Composables

Composables are usually used to wrap business logic in the frontend part of the application. It is really important to create these composables by using the well known practices and patterns so that every developer in the team will be using the same composables contract. And this is also why I have selected this topic for the talk. I would like to share with you the good practices and Design Patterns for building reusable and stable composables that you can start implementing in your applications and projects.

Jakub Andrzejewski

Senior Dev @useAlokai | @GoogleDevExpert | @nuxt_js Team | Ambassador @Storyblok, @algolia, @cloudinary, @supabase

Senior Dev & Advocate @VueStorefront. @nuxt_js Team Member. Ambassador @Storyblok, @algolia, @cloudinary, @supabase. @GoogleDevExpert in Web Performance. Sharing knowledge about Nuxt / Vue / Perf

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