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Lessons learned from building a thriving Vue.js SaaS application


Lessons learned from building a thriving Vue.js SaaS application

Have you ever wondered which techniques actually work at scale for Vue.js apps? What to optimize for early on and what decisions that could pay its dividends early on? In this talk, I will talk about composable, data management, code structure, performance specifically for SPA apps, DX for your team, and efficient testing strategies for small teams for large code bases. You will gain invaluable insights into both the pitfalls and triumphs we encountered along the way of building a thriving web application.

Abdelrahman Awad

Senior Engineer @rasayelio | @GoogleDevExpert | Passionate about Vue.js 💚 and TypeScript 💙 | OSS Maintainer | Host 🎙️

I am a Senior Engineer based in Cairo, Egypt. I’m a GDE in Web Technologies, and I do open-source. <br /> I created vee-validate and villus for Vue.js. I host the Untyped podcast. I’m also one of the organizers of the EgyptJS monthly meetup. <br /> I write about Vue.js and the composition API and also TypeScript on my Blog. I am passionate about learning and teaching Vue.js and TypeScript.

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