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Meet Pinia Colada, the Data Fetching layer for Pinia


Meet Pinia Colada, the Data Fetching layer for Pinia

Managing the async state in front-end applications can quickly become cumbersome and complicated once we start fetching, caching and refreshing data. Some solutions exist, such as TanStack Query or, for GraphQL, and the Appolo Client. But none are based on or have been explicitly developed for Vue. None until Pinia Colada 🙃

Elise Patrikainen

Freelance font-end developper. @vuejsparis co-organiser - trainer @LI_learning

My name is Elise and I’m a freelance senior front-end developer passionate about the Vue ecosystem and the energy of its community. I try to contribute to the ecosystem by organising tech events ( I co-organise the meetup Vue.js Paris) and by speaking (meetups, Vue.js Amsterdam 2024).

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