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Scaling Vue Frontend Architectures


Scaling Vue Frontend Architectures

In this talk, we'll dive into practical strategies for fast-growing environments striving for product-market fit, but also looking at long term maintainability. We'll tackle topics such as migrations, Domain-Driven Design (DDD) principles, working with components considering business logic and adapting to architectural constraints. Drawing from real-world experiences working on the frontend of a large headless CMS, I'll share my own experience and the critical role of architecture in managing technical debt for safe and resilient development across teams. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, this talk offers actionable insights to look at what it means to think about frontend architecture in large Vue.js projects.

Lisi Linhart

Frontend Architect - Senior Software Engineer. Writing @

Lisi is an Austrian senior software engineer and in her 10+ year technical career, she has taught at an university as a lecturer and worked on different product startups as a software engineer and architect. Her roles have ranged from individual contributor to technical lead and principal frontend architect. As of right now, she is helping TheyDo to build and scale their fast-growing product and development teams.

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