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Volar - The Unsung Hero


Volar - The Unsung Hero

Unlock the secrets of Volar, the engine powering the Vue.js development experience, with an under-the-hood look at its architecture and core functionalities. We will explore how Volar achieves its advanced language support and seamless TypeScript integration, enhancing productivity and development workflows. This talk promises a deep dive into the technical foundations of Volar, equipping attendees with the knowledge to fully harness its capabilities in their Vue.js projects.

Jan-Niklas Wortmann

Developer Advocate @JetBrains | #RxJS Core Team Member | Angular #GDE | Host @AngularShow

As a Developer Advocate for JetBrains, Jan-Niklas Wortmann isn't just another coder—he's a code evangelist. With TypeScript as his weapon of choice, he's on a mission to make your dev life easier, one line at a time. Angular geek? He's got you covered. Obsessed with reactive programming? So is he. Outside of fine-tuning the developer experience at JetBrains, Jan is a Google Developer Expert for Angular and a part of the RxJS Core Team.

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