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What is hot on TresJS v4


What is hot on TresJS v4

A year has passed since TresJS was open-sourced, so in this talk, we are going to give a full update on what we have been cooking for v4 of the core, including new devtools, translated docs, a cookbook, new features and a lot of bug fixing.

Alvaro Saburido

Creative Engineer. DevRel at @storyblok | @eggheadio instructor | Author @tresjs_dev

Hi 👋, I’m Alvaro, **Creative Software Engineer** from 🇻🇪 living in Barcelona, Spain. Developer Relations Engineer at Storyblok Author of TresJS. I produce creative content and contribute to open source mainly related to Front-end (Vue, Nuxt, Astro) & 3D (Blender, ThreeJS)

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