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You are Going to Need a Test for That


You are Going to Need a Test for That

So you’ve written some code. That’s great! You’re probably going to want to test it. But what kinds of tests are useful? Should you be writing unit tests? End to end tests? Component tests? All of the above? The testing landscape in javascript applications keeps changing. Determining a testing strategy and defining how and where to write tests can be a real challenge for teams. With automated CICD pipelines and the approval process for publishing mobile applications, it is more important than ever to catch regressions before they are released to production and the best way to do that is with robust test suites. In this talk, we will cover what types of testing are available, what tools exist and how to use them, what testing strategies exist, and how your team might be able to decide the testing boundaries of your applications.

Lara Newsom

Technical Leader Cisco - Angular GDE - NX Champion - Angular Plus Show Panelist

In addition to the many conference talks I have given online and around the globe, I am an Angular GDE, NX Champion, Pluralsight Author, and a co-host on the Angular Plus Show where we talk about all things Angular and Angular adjacent. During the day, I am a Senior Software Engineering Technical Leader at Cisco working full time on a large enterprise Angular application using NgRx state management and leveraging Nx Monorepos. I am always energized by sharing my knowledge and being part of the software engineering community. I specialize in talking about cats and random facts but also love talking about software.

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