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Level up your Vue 3 skills with interactive Web Extensions


Level up your Vue 3 skills with interactive Web Extensions

This hands-on workshop takes your Vue 3 expertise to the next level by diving into Web Extensions. We'll leverage the powerful Vitesse Web Ext template to craft an extension that seamlessly interacts with the pages you visit and injects dynamic content sourced from a Headless CMS.

Alba Silvente Fuentes

FullStack @storyblok, @GoogleDevExpert | @MVPaward

Alba Silvente, aka Dawntraoz, is a Sr FullStack Engineer at Storyblok. She also loves writing about FE development, Jamstack, and Web Performance on her blog, speaking at conferences, hosting a Spanish tech podcast, and working hard in the open-source community. She is also a GoogleDevExpert in Web Technologies, an Microsoft MVP and an ambassador at WTM & Nuxt.

415 EUR
+ 19% VAT

Minimum of 5 participants. The maximum number of participants varies. The workshop will only take place if the minimum number of participants is reached.

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