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Mastering 3D Web Development with TresJS


Mastering 3D Web Development with TresJS

The Workshop on Tres.js covers various aspects of creating 3D scenes using Vue components. It includes exercises on setting up the environment, using cameras and adding objects, animating objects, applying textures and materials, using lights and handling events, and loading and rendering 3D models. The workshop also discusses future plans for the Nuxt module and the Tres.js ecosystem. Participants can learn about creating realistic scenes, manipulating objects, and enhancing the visual appearance of their 3D scenes.

Alvaro Saburido

Creative Engineer. DevRel at @storyblok | @eggheadio instructor | Author @tresjs_dev

Hi šŸ‘‹, Iā€™m Alvaro, **Creative Software Engineer** from šŸ‡»šŸ‡Ŗ living in Barcelona, Spain. Developer Relations Engineer at Storyblok Author of TresJS. I produce creative content and contribute to open source mainly related to Front-end (Vue, Nuxt, Astro) & 3D (Blender, ThreeJS)

415 EUR
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Minimum of 5 participants. The maximum number of participants varies. The workshop will only take place if the minimum number of participants is reached.

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