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Prototyping an App with Quasar


Prototyping an App with Quasar

This workshop might just blow your mind! I'm going to show you how to prototype an app for potential clients, that uses THEIR computer as the backend!
We'll be using GORGEOUS composables that have features like pagination, including related data, filters, loading state and much much more!
By the end of this workshop, you'll be able to meet a potential client in the morning, plan a prototype during the day, and have something they can demo before your head hits the pillow.

Luke Diebold

Web Developer. I create quasar videos!

Anyone can learn to create wonderful apps, and Luke is on a mission to prove it! He has a vibrant YouTube channel that teaches Vue/Quasar (with videos that won't bore you to tears!). He's also CTO of Fuellox, and does contract jobs on the side.

415 EUR
+ 19% VAT

Minimum of 5 participants. The maximum number of participants varies. The workshop will only take place if the minimum number of participants is reached.

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